Convenient attention 6 days a week

Convenient attention 6 days a week

Clinical Services and Emergencies
Welcome to Ayala Medical Center
Boyette Walk in Clinic

Our institution specializes in preventing and treating any health problem, as well as caring for medical and surgical emergencies.

Our department of internal medicine is designed to prevent, detect and treat any disease, disorder or condition that affects your quality of life. The emergency care unit is also open six days a week, in order to help with any medical emergency anytime between 7 am – 7 pm.

We offer affordable Health Care packages for non insured patients. We also have a therapy unit for acute and chronic pain resulting from motor vehicle accidents, sports or work. We also offer a weight control program that will help you improve your diet.

We have patients of all ages, as well as patients with acute or chronic conditions that require special assistance. In addition, we provide other important treatments and services, all performed by experienced bilingual professionals, and supported by the most modern technology.

“We understand that your pain can not wait to be treated tomorrow. That's why you never require an appointment to visit us at the time you need it most”

With this philosophy we have helped hundreds of our patients to relieve and cure their ailments and diseases.

Thank you for your trust and preference.

Dr. Raúl E. Ayala, Director
Ayala Medical Center

Dr. Ayala attended medical school in Lima, Peru.
He completed his studies in Internal Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University at Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for his specialty in Internal Medicine.
After concluding his training, he joined the United States Air Force as an Active duty Medical Officer in Mcdill - Tampa. He served as Chief of the Infectious Disease and HIV Clinic. Based on his experience, he was a former Independent Medical Examiner to determine medical necessity, for insurance coverages.
Dr. Ayala opened Boyette Walk-In Clinic in April 2003. Since that date, he has been delivering personal care to thousands of happy patients, and given awards such as "five star provider", for Careplus, for consecutive years.